Pathfinder Tips & Tricks Revealed


Solve your Pathfinder R51 problems quickly…

Below, you will find a link to some eBooks written from my own first hand experiences. These tips, tricks, buying guides and service secrets have been captured only in these eBooks. I used to work alone out in the field. That is how these secrets were kept secret and now it has been made available to the public.

If you’re a Pathfinder owner looking for answers you battle to find elsewhere, this may be it.

  • Have you ever tried replacing the oil filter? Can you do it in 5 to 10 minutes instead of the usual 30 minutes to 1 hour, no jacks, no wheel spanners?  (Of course it will take you longer than just 5 minutes to drain the oil, but I am specifically talking about removing and fitting the oil FILTER, which is a pain in the rear if you don’t know how. (That alone, normally takes longer to remove than to do the whole oil change in itself.)
  • Have you heard some strange sounds before starting the vehicle and some weird vibrations and misfiring just after startup?
  • These are all common questions from Pathfinder owners and many will be answered in my ebooks.


Pathfinder Tips & Tricks Revealed

This Pathfinder eBook is full of tips and tricks that you can  follow to sort out some of the common R51 headaches the easy way. If you find just one of these tips helpful, your e-Books is paid for, so the rest is all FREE.

What you get in this eBook:

  • I explain the cause of the strange sounds from the dashboard – which are normal? How do I get rid of the others?
  • Why do you get water in the passenger footwell? How to fix it in a few minutes.
  • What to do about that ugly black brake dust on the wheels.
  • The rattle/noise from the engine bay, is it serious? How to check and eliminate most.
  • Transmission oil leak at the propshaft after replacing the seal?
  • The clacking sound when opening the door – yes it is fixable.
  • Have you ever noticed a surge or stall on steep inclines/declines? It is not a case of if but when and when it has stalled, you will wish you have read this eBook on what to do to fix it, or even better, what to do to PREVENT it.
  • and more….

This is a limited time offer at this crazy price. You will be the only one in millions knowing this secret if you make the call now. Be aware that there are no refunds because once you have the secret, you cannot be given back.



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