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Good day and welcome to my website!

I am McGuyver, formerly Nissan Mobile Mechanic.

As it goes, being a mobile mechanic, you work outside in the rain, hail and storms….  You work in driveways, carparks, construction sites or next to the road.

This photo was taken on one such an occasion: a freezing cold and rainy day, servicing a vehicle in a parking area.Navara oil change

And that is exactly the reason why I am always looking at ways of improving on the service times. The faster I can complete the job without quality compromise, the sooner I can be out of the mud and weather.

Also, certain jobs that required of me to get in underneath the vehicle, compelled me to find alternate ways of doing it. (Would you like to get under that vehicle on a road that wet? Neither would I.)

Many times a job requires removing a wheel or stripping a console. In many instances I found faster and easier ways to do these, without compromising on quality.

As the Mobile Mechanic, I don’t have the luxury of workshop equipment – yes, that means no hoists or “special tools”. In my eBooks I share my “no-workshop-frills” secrets with you, so that you can fix your vehicle with only the tools one normally would have at home.

Have you ever tried replacing the oil filter on your Navara D40 or Pathfinder R51? Can you do an oil filter change in 5 minutes, no jacks, no wheel removal? (I am just talking about how long it takes to remove the oil filter. Hint: if you know this little secret, it can save you anything from a 20 to 40 minute struggle!)

Have you heard some strange sounds when switching on the vehicle and some weird vibrations or misfiring just after startup?

These are all common questions from Navara and Pathfinder owners and most will be answered in my eBooks.

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